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capture your vision

Your second-act career is already inside you. Use journaling, research, feedback from trusted advisors, and other techniques to recognize your calling, and clarify where and how you can be most useful in your extended career.

build your courage

Reframe outdated ideas about who you are, what you can or can't do. Reconcile old disappointments and missed opportunities. Appreciate life's lessons so you can start off with a clean slate and a positive attitude.

claim your authority

Recognize (and upgrade) your appreciation for what you can contribute and achieve by synthesizing all you've learned and done in your career into a unique value proposition. 

execute your plan

It's a connected world!  Use networking (online and offline), and social media to connect with employers, investors, partners, and allies. Establish your expertise as a thought leader to attract opportunities and build relationships.

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Read a few of the  96% 4 and 5 star reviews... 

"All of life's excitement is in the unknown, and John Tarnoff leads us with such a sensitive, honest, and vulnerable approach, you can't help but become a believer and embrace the future." - Mariana Keros

"This book was released at a perfect time. With ageism everywhere, boomers have to reinvent themselves - not as traditional employees, but seizing their many talents and repurposing them for the greater good." - Felipe Payan

"John Tarnoff’s book is a gift to Baby Boomers. Anyone who questions their current employment and their professional career should read the author’s practical, thoughtful and easy-to-follow methodology and wisdom." - Donald F. Leon

"I find John’s approach to be refreshing and candid. His examples are germane and the Strategies & Tactics relevant and practical. They are also digitally relevant in today’s e-connected world." - Chuck Henderson

... As well as praise from the experts:

As John Tarnoff shows, the makings of your second act — one filled with meaning and purpose — are already there. And with this inspiring and yet very practical book, he gives us a step by step guide in how to tap into it.

Arianna Huffington

Founder/CEO of Thrive Global

A candid and accurate portrayal of the current boomer reality, providing hope, encouragement, and even a bit of humor! 

Terry Bradwell

EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, AARP

This is a wonderful, thoughtful book, and a practical set of new perspectives to begin the great and honorable American tradition of reinvention.  Here's the toolbox: joyously useful and hugely indispensable. 

Ken Burns

Filmmaker, The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, The Roosevelts

Transitions are often harder than we expect, or hope. John Tarnoff’s five-step approach is an incredibly useful blueprint for navigating this exciting stage of life.

Chris Farrell

Senior Economics Contributor, Marketplace     Author of Unretirement

John Tarnoff masters the subject of reinvention for the rest of us in this terrific book. Anyone over 50 will find Boomer Reinvention a valuable and entertaining resource, stuffed with plenty of practical advice. 

Richard Eisenberg

Money & Purpose Editor, PBS/Next Avenue

Career coach John Tarnoff has written a spirited, practical and can-do new book, skillfully showing readers how to take back control of their careers in his step-by-step methodology. 

Kerry Hannon

AARP Jobs Expert, author of Getting the Job You Want Over 50

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