networking plan

For every networking plan we make to successfully reach out and engage with our connections, we dread the entire process. How can we promote ourselves and get the job referrals we need without being pushy or feeling awkward or inauthentic?



Job security has become a luxury that your employer can no longer afford to grant you. Redefine the value that you deliver to your employer and build job security by becoming an intrapreneur – a more motivated, strategic, and growth-oriented contributor within your team.


working from home

My approach to career development is inner-focused. So I approach the issues that come up around working from home in the same way. We need to build a strong inner foundation to help us become more aware, more intentional, and more balanced.


Resume Tips

The resume tips you got when you were younger no longer apply in the digital era. Your resume is no longer your primary job search tool, nor is it the best way to tell your career story. It’s still a vital part of your toolkit – but in a new way.


follow your bliss

The old adage to follow your bliss is an illusion. Following your usefulness is a better second act career strategy. Engage with others, define your value, and deliver results. Focus forward on how you can make a difference for the future. Let go of past hurts and disappointments.


personal brand

In a more crowded and competitive economy, you need more than a personal brand to get above the noise and stand out. You need a deeper professional brand.


Social Proof

Having positive professional testimonials on your LinkedIn profile boosts your social proof and can persuade prospective employers to offer you the job you want.


meet your personal board of directors

Recruiting your own personal board of directors is a great way to support your second-act career, and get the guidance and support your need to achieve success.


Be Resilient

Older workers over 50 can become more resilient in the career marketplace and work to be more resourceful and effective at building second-act careers.


Don't Hide Your Age

Ageist employers won’t be fooled if you omit your age or graduation dates from your resume. Stand up for yourself in your job search and look for age-friendly employers who appreciate you.


job interview age bias

Focusing on who you are, not just what you know, is an unappreciated strategy to successfully overcome age bias, nail your job interview, and land that great job. The typical job interview format focuses on skills and experience. Typical recruiters and hiring managers want to find out if you tick the boxes on their job READ MORE

The Two Best Fixes to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile Headline and About section are the two most important aspects of your professional brand. Learn how to make them stand out and attract the right kind of connections to you.


Grow Your Network

Listening can take many forms. Being present and showing genuine interest in another person is the best way to maximize a networking event.


Daily Journal

Even if it’s been a long time (or you’ve never done it) writing a daily journal is the best way to begin workshopping your second-act career transition. Indeed, high school may have been the last time that you kept a regular daily journal. For as long as there have been writers, there have been journal READ MORE

Design Your Future Career

Don’t leave your second-act career to chance. Design a successful future career by overcoming doubt, finding your niche, and supercharging your career development process.


Overcome any lingering insecurities about your digital literacy. Build your confidence and engage seamlessly in the digital workplace by understanding these key concepts and paradigms. Reading Time: 12 Minutes For many workers over 50, and especially over 60, even if you’ve been using computers for the last 30 years, there may be some things about READ MORE

Trying to land a job without a career network is like trying to win a war without an army. But to field the positions that are right for you and your career path, you need an active network that is organized and prioritized to serve you best. Your Rolodex is Not a Network Most people READ MORE

Freelance 101 - How to Start Your Second Act

Downsized or laid off in your 50s? Don’t dismiss starting a freelance business or career. It may be a more viable strategy than waiting for a job offer in an ageist economy. Trust yourself and make the leap!